10 Best Funded Trader Programs & Accounts of 2024

These programs are particularly suitable for beginners who want to embark on their trading journey.

Funded trading accounts offer a unique opportunity where you can earn money while pursuing your passion without risking your own capital. As forex is an emerging field and is becoming center of interest for many people.

Forex trading is the only thing Crypto Trading Bots that can make you a millionaire in short time.

But the question remains: which is the best funded trader program? Let’s delve into the details of various providers, exploring their advantages and drawbacks.

Top Funded Trader Programs:

  • Best for Futures Trading: Topstep (Offering 70% Off)
  • Best Career Path: Earn2Trade (Providing a 20% Discount)
  • Best for Forex Trading: The5ers (With a 5% Discount)
  • Stock Trading: Trade The Pool
  • Best for Forex Traders: SurgeTrade
  • Suitable for Forex: FTMO
  • Best for All types: OneUp Trader
  • Suitable for future contracts:Apex Trader Funding
  • Best for challenges: The Funded Trader
  • For multiple programs: Funded Trading Plus

What Constitutes a Strong Funded Trader Program?

Forex trading is the main interest of many investors and traders  nowadays. Effective funded trader programs aid in your trading initiation by offering educational resources, webinars, and support. They also provide access Entry and Exit Indicators to reliable institutional-grade trading platforms and trustworthy funded trader account partners.

Are Funded Trader Accounts a Valuable Investment?

The primary benefit of funded trader accounts lies in their risk limitation. In today’s day the money you invest in forex is the money you multiplied if you do it with care. For a modest monthly fee covering real-time data and platform access, you gain entry to a funded account once you demonstrate your trading skills.

Upon achieving this, you can retain up Super Non-Repaint Arrow to 90% of your profits and request withdrawals to your checking account.

Here is an overview of the top 10 funded trader programs:


Good Funded Trader Program

  1. A leader in the industry and an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company.
  2. Offers a Trading Combine where you can access simulated futures accounts with buying power ranging from $50,000 to $150,000.
  3. You can earn a funded account within just four trading days.
  4. Allows you to withdraw the initial $10,000 in profits and 90% of any profits beyond that.
  5. Daily payouts available, along with trader development resources. This program is to boost your future as a forex trader.


Best Funded Trader Programs

  • Offers the Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path programs.
  • The Gauntlet Mini program is similar to Topstep Futures, including trading lessons, webinars, and Journalytix access.
  • The Trader Career Path allows traders to progress from virtual capital to real-money accounts.
  • An 80%/20% profit split MACD Indicator Settings for all funded programs.


  • Provides instantly funded trading accounts for forex trading.
  • Offers the Hyper Growth Program with various account sizes and no time limits.
  • No daily loss rule, and account size increases with every 10% profit.
  • High fees initially, but you gain profit share from day one.

Funded Trader Accounts

Trade The Pool

  1. Offers funded trader programs for stock trading.
  2. Allows trading of over 12,000 U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs.
  3. Different programs available, each Technical Indicator with specific buying power, profit targets, and profit splits.
  4. Includes free TraderSync trading journal license and subscription options.

New funded trader program


  • Specializes in forex trading and provides a 1-step process for qualification.
  • No time limit, 10% profit target, 5% daily loss limit, and 6% trailing drawdown.
  • Offers a standard profit split of 75%:25%, which can be increased for a fee.

SurgeTrader Funded Account


  1. Specializes in forex trading and offers a 3-step funded trader program.
  2. Involves the FTMO Challenge News Feed and Verification processes.
  3. Provides accounts ranging from $10,000 to $400,000 with an 80:20 profit split.

OneUp Trader

Offers funded accounts for traders of all levels.

Features an evaluation and funding process.

First $8,000 in profits are yours to keep, with an 80% profit split thereafter.

Provides advanced analytics and a supportive community.

Apex Trader Funding

Allows trading of futures contracts for extended hours.

Involves an evaluation phase and a paid performance account.

Profit split starts at 90% after retaining the initial $10,000 in profits.

The Funded Trader

Offers various challenge types and account sizes.

Three-step evaluation process leading to funded trader status.

Profit split ranges from 80% to 90% depending on the challenge type.

Funded Trading Plus

  • Offers multiple funded programs with different evaluation types.
  • Account sizes range from $5k to $250k.
  • Profit split options from 80/20 to 100/0 for consistent, talented traders.