Best 10 Crypto Trading Bots for 2024 (Expert Review)

Cryptocurrency trading bots offer an automated, emotion-free approach to trading by leveraging data-informed automation, enabling crypto holders to employ various strategies to achieve specific goals.

Our team of crypto tax professionals conducted extensive testing and reviews of 11 crypto trading bots, highlighting their pros and cons. Trading bots are also very useful in Forex trading  which Calculate Crypto Volume is an emerging interest of the market.

List of the Best Crypto Trading Bots

We will tell you some of best crypto bots:

Cryptohopper – Recommended Crypto Bot

best AI trading bot for crypto

Best crypto trading bot overall Best for those getting started with crypto trading bots, and our choice for best crypto trading bot overall. As such, its packages (ranging from $0 – $99/mo) offer something for everyone.

Cryptohopper has a lot going for it: it works with 100+ tokens Day Crypto Market on 15 exchanges and has more than half a million users.

Gunbot What is the best AI trading bot for crypto?

Forex is a center of focus now for traders and investors. Best bot for technical day traders (runs locally) Best for technically competent traders interested in a feature-rich crypto trading bot with a high degree of control.

Gunbot isn’t especially easy to use, but it’s full of features Crypto candlestick if you’re willing to get over the learning curve. This tool’s price reflects that it’s a tool for very advanced traders, particularly those who are comfortable coding their own scripts.

HaasOnline – Best for auto copy trading

Best for auto copy trading.

Best bot for day traders (cloud) Best for technically competent day traders interested in developing and optimizing their own crypto trading bot.

HaasOnline’s TradeServer has long been a solid but pricey choice for traders who write their own scripts and want to run a trading bot locally.

Trality – Best for futures and margined bot trading.

Its in-browser coding features include intelligent autocomplete and backtesting, debugging, and soon, rebalancing. Best bot for Python users Best for those familiar with Python interested in writing code for their own trader bot.

What sets Trality apart is its powerful Python API, which lets traders use this familiar language and libraries to develop bots.

3Commas – Best for Cloud-based, Personalized Bot

Best Crypto Trading Bots

Best bot for advanced traders Best for advanced trader bot users interested in more sophisticated bot trading, including programmatic options strategies.

3Commas offers sophisticated trading options Indicator Crypto in a user-friendly, surprisingly affordable package, making it a good choice for independent traders looking to adopt more complicated strategies with a feature-rich terminal operating on 17+ major exchanges.

Coinrule – Best for beginner and advanced traders.

Best bot for no-code trading rules Best for journeyman traders looking for no-code training rules. Coinrule is a safe and easy-to-use platform to create automated trading instructions for top exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken.

TradeSanta – Best for arbitrage across multiple crypto exchanges.

Best bot for beginning traders Best for novice traders interested in learning about crypto trading bots and an all-in-one crypto trading platform.

TradeSanta markets itself as great for novices Fibonacci Retracement and so it is, with affordable pricing, approachable mobile and desktop interfaces, risk management tools, and pre-built templates.

What are crypto trading bots?

Cryptocurrency trading bots are computer programs that create and submit buy and sell orders to exchanges based on the rules of a pre-defined trading strategy.

For example, a very simple trading bot might be programmed to sell Bitcoin when its price reaches a certain threshold. In short, crypto trading bots enable trading based on data and trends not on emotional impulse.

Ultimately, this usually grows their profits Dark Cloud Cover minimizes their risks, and limits their losses across exchanges.

What are the Best Crypto Trading Bots

When assessing crypto trading bots and tools, you’ll want to look at some key features to determine which is the best crypto trading bot for you. These include:

● Code or no-code:

Does the bot require knowledge of a programming language?


Is access to the trader bot free, require a monthly Best for social trading or copy trading. or annual subscription, and/or is there a trading fee for use?

●Exchange integration:

What exchanges can a given trader bot be used on? Is the bot built-in to an exchange (e.g. Pionex’s bots)?

●Simulated trades:

Does the bot platform offer backtesting and paper trading Price Action Channel so you can simulate a given trader bot’s performance before deploying it? Stimulated trades are common in forex trading. So it is also necessary

How much does a crypto bot cost?

The price of crypto bots ranges from free, to a small monthly or annual fee, through to thousands of dollars in annual deposit fees.

Some crypto bots are charged a small percentage trading fee, as with Pionex’s .05% trading fee on each grid trading transaction.

How do you file taxes for crypto bot trading?

You’ve selected your best crypto bot, programmed its strategies, and watched its results. Now, how do you file taxes on these transactions? As now you’re a forex trader and you have many transactions to make.

High frequency trading bots making dozens or hundreds BBand Stop of trades a day can result in tens or even hundreds of thousands of transactions that must be reported.

Put simply, crypto bots trade on exchanges on your behalf.

So when it comes time to report cryptocurrency on your taxes, you just need to import your trades from these exchanges into cryptocurrency tax software. When choosing a bot trading strategy, it’s crucial to be aware of how many trades the bot will be making. It’s the same process you’d use for trades you make yourself.