Volume Scalper Profile Indicator For MT4

Volume profile indicator is a very useful indicator for new Forex Traders it can help them Excel this field in just a short time without putting much effort. It works on the same principle as the support and resistance levels but its logic is a little bit different from them.

You can spot the price levels at the points Calculate Crypto Volume where some important price actions took place.

How to Use Volume Profile Indicator MT4

It is a very smart and simple tool to keep our check on the price actions on the chart. Most of that Traders no this name support and resistance levels and use it often leave this volume profile indicator can also be used for that purpose and maybe it is proved better than them.

Volume Profile Indicator

It not only observes support and resistance levels but it also marks the major price actions that took place in the past which makes it a more reliable and handy indicator to use.

As these examples from the past trades can help the Traders to set stop losses and make strategy for their trading in the future. You can even set the indicated to observe a previous candle to some previous date.

Volume scalper profile + Range v6.0 indicator


  1.  As in most indicators they cannot help you to make strategy for your future trades but as this indicator allows you to observe the major activities and price actions of the past it can help you to setting up trades, set stop losses make big profits in just small time.
  2. As it highlights important events and activities Volume Shelf of the past so it can help you to learn Trading by watching the major movements of the market rather than experiencing them yourself.
  3. It also scans, calculates, and provide you with volumes of different price actions of the past.
  4. You can maximize your profit and prevent big losses by using this volume profile indicator.
  5. It provides you knowledge about price actions, and Volume Profile Strategy once you learn about how price actions work then you can have a great amount of advantage from this knowledge.

Volume scalper profile

How to Buy and Sell Entry Exit Volume Indicator

This indicator can help you grow your Trading skills and gather expertise from the experiences of past individuals. These past trades can help you learn fast in little time. Volume indicator is a price action strategy who tell you that Forex Trading System how many people involve this time in forex market.

Its mean how many people are buying trend. And how much people are going to sell trend. We hope that this article helped you to learn all about the indicator and how to use it to maximize your profit.