Rainbow Multiple Moving Average MT4 Indicator

Have you ever seen a rainbow in the sky? what does it do? It displays multiple colors. Similarly, this rainbow multiple moving average indicator visually represents information that is based on the standard moving average.

Multi time frame EMA indicator MT4

What it does is that it draws 66 rainbow colored lines that represent moving averages of your prefered type and prices right on the main view of the chart this indicator is available for both meta Trader 5 and meta Trader 4 platforms.

Multi time frame EMA indicator

This is extremely reliable and easy to use indicator and it can help you to make big profit Moving Average Currency and minimize your loss. If you are an inexperienced trader then you must try it.

Input parameters

MA_Type (default = MODE_EMA) — the type of rainbow moving average.

MA_Price (default = PRICE_CLOSE) — the price type to use in the MA calculations.

MA_Period_NN (default = Varies) — the periods of 66 moving averages.

Example and strategy like all the other indicators which you have used throughout these years of trading just like them this rainbow multiple moving average indicator also indicate trends.

So if you follow these trends you can learn as well as earn Infinity Trendline Indicator a great amount of profit. As there are large number of moving averages involved and it also has a line to represent each of the moving average so it can display all the short term, medium time and long term averages all on the same chart.

Buy Sell signals Rainbow multiple moving average

How to Buy Sell signals Rainbow multiple moving average indicator

This method of displaying information is the best because it consumes the minimum space and provides the maximum information unlike all other indicators.

The main benefit of using this indicator is that it saves your time and provide you with the best and maximum information just in a short time and without occupying much space. Especially the colors that are involved on the chart makes it visually clear.

If we explain its practical side when same colored lines Heiken Ashi Smoothed that represent moving averages come together to form a single bold line then it indicates powerful support and resistance level.

Rainbow Averages System 

Download Rainbow Averages System

To download this indicator you can simply get it from us for free and use it to your advantage and make lots of profit from it. All you have to do is download it and customize it according to your needs as its sources open.

Rainbow multiple moving average indicator

Some people want to customize the indicator according to their own needs Fib Confluence so we provide open source indicators so that you can use it according to your own will and potential. Make it clear that no money will be charged for these indicators and they’ll be given to you for free so that you can use them and make profit using them.

MA Rainbow Strategy For MT4

This rainbow multiple moving average indicator can visually provide you all the information you need about the averages so you can trade safely and reduce the chances of risk. We hope that after going through this article all the information you needed about this Half Super Trend will be given to you.

And now you can easily and efficiently use this indicator without any problem and get your desired results without much effort.