Intraday Trading Strategy Formula PDF Guide

In this article, we will talk about Intraday trading formulae and we would discuss about best intraday trading methods and then we will move on its formulae with Utilizing pivot point theory. So lets start.

Good Intraday Trading Methods:

It is a quite easy to understand that comparable kinds of trading covenant accompanied by  buying and selling of orders the similar day.

Nevertheless risks intricate are a little greater than standard methods, However we have various unique intraday trading method to act in accordance with, for increasing your production.

Open High Low Intraday Trading Methods

Intraday traders have a lot of dissimilar methods and In these methods we have a one quite popular Intraday method which is known as the Open-High-Low Intraday trading formulae that provide best out come for day trading.

Open High Low Intraday trading method is a very well known in the middle of Indian Stock traders and also for Indian stock market, this method function is quite good accompanied by Nifty 50 assets.

100% Accurate Intraday Technique

How We Can Trade With Open High Low Intraday Method

  1. The 1st point in this method is to look out the begining rates for NIFTY 50 assets, you may produce your monitoring list as well.
  2. The 2nd point is for the purchase Trade discover the libretto accompanied by Open = Low. On the other hand, for Sell trade discover the libretto accompanied by Open = High.
  3. The 3rd point is that, Go into the trade afterwards 5 to 10 minutes of the trade on condition that the beginning lowest level or beginning Highest level is not ruptured.
  4. The fourth point is that, For purchase trade you may go on being an end loss at beginning lowest level and for a sell trade, you may go on being an end loss at beginning highest level.

Intraday Trading Strategy

Intraday Trading Formula Utilizing Pivot Points

The intraday trading formulae are quite beneficial for searching your goal price and end loss in intraday trading.

Pivot Point Theory

This is a strong intraday trading formulae. It anticipates the expansion of a stock based on its production on the preliminary days. An inspection of the preliminary day’s trading data of a stock would provide us raw data like intraday highest (H), intraday lowest (L), and nearing price (C).

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Infinity Trendline Indicator

Intraday Trading Formula Calculator

Intraday Trading Strategy Formula PDF

Now We need to add them as:

H + L + C = X

At this moment, the obtained value might be segregated by 3: 

X/3 = P (that is called as the landmark)

Now, we will correspond P with 2:

X/3 X 2 = Y

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computing for resistivity and prop up: 

1st level prop up and resistivity : (PP is a pivot point, R is a resistivity and S is a prop up )

1st resistivity (R1) = (2 x PP) – lowest level

1st prop up (S1) = (2 x PP) – Highest level

2nd level of prop up and resistivity:

2nd resistivity (R2) = PP + (Highest – Lowest)

2nd prop up (S2) = PP – (Highest – Lowest)