Hidden Stop-Loss and Take-Profit (TP,SL EA)

Forex is getting alot of hype these days because of its amazing potential. Ghost SL & TP is a complimentary expert advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. These values are only accessible to the EA, ensuring your trading strategy remains confidential.

With this EA, you have the capability Consolidation Indicator to conceal your stop-loss and take-profit settings. This EA allows you to set your stop-loss and take-profit values without them being visible to the broker.

How to Set stop loss and take profit

This indicator is designed specially to help forex traders to perform their tasks more effectively and easily. As forex is one of the most rapidly growing field. Forex trading can help you to become a millionaire or atleast financially free in just a short time.

Automatic TP and SL

Effective risk management through these settings is crucial for maintaining profitability in trading. You can conceal your stop-loss by either manually triggering it when necessary or using an expert advisor like Ghost SL and TP EA.

Unfortunately, some Forex brokers engage Forex Indicator in unethical practices such as stop-loss hunting, where they manipulate prices to trigger your stop-loss orders intentionally.

While not all brokers engage in this practice, it’s more prevalent in loosely regulated environments where brokers may seek to exploit traders for financial gain.

Automatic TP and SL MT4 EA free download

Forex is becoming the center of interest for many new traders and investors.

This deceitful tactic can be avoided, and one method is by employing a hidden stop-loss and take-profit EA for MT4. Stop-loss hunting occurs when brokers manipulate prices to hit your stop-loss orders, a practice that is unethical and, in many jurisdictions, illegal.

This EA ensures that your stop-loss and take-profit levels Close All Button remain concealed from your broker, safeguarding your trades from manipulation.

Remember to enable Live Trading in MetaTrader 4 to ensure the EA functions correctly. EA include the ability to filter orders based on various criteria such as magic number and trade direction, ensuring consistent application of stop-loss and take-profit rules across your trades.

Stop Loss & Take Profit Indicators


Stop Loss and TP Hidden to Broker

We hope that after going through this article your knowledge about this topic will be increased and you must have now been able to know about the impact of forex trading in market.

Additionally, the EA can automatically close orders Chandelier Exit when stop-loss or take-profit levels are reached, and it offers notification options for order closures. By utilizing this EA, you can protect your trades from broker manipulation and trade with greater confidence and security.

You can easily download and install the Ghost SL and TP EA following the provided link and instructions.