FX Multi Meter Indicator for MT4 (V9)

FX Multi Meter Indicator MT4 In forex trading, precision and accuracy can make all the difference between success and disappointment. Traders are constantly seeking EA and indicators that can provide them with the insight needed to make informed decisions. One best indicator that has gained significant popularity is the FX Multi Meter Indicator.

The FX Multi Meter Indicator is an all-in-one indicator designed Currency Strength Meter to enhance precision in both trade entries and exits.

It offers traders an instant snapshot of a currency pair’s fx multi meter iii movement, making it an invaluable tool in the world of forex trading. This scalping indicator is highly versatile and can be applied to any currency pair or time frame.

Power of FX Multiple Meter Indicators

What sets the FX Multi Meter Indicator apart is its ability to combine multiple indicators into one comprehensive dashboard. This dashboard displays the values of various indicators based on momentum and averages.

FX Multi Meter Indicator

By Step By Step these indicators, the FX Multi Meter Indicator generates a final BUY or SELL signal.

The strength of the FX Multi Meter Indicator lies in its reliability. As it calculates True Currency Strength Meter the final trade direction by considering input from all Non Repaint indicators, the resulting signals are robust and trustworthy. Traders can confidently rely on these signals to guide their trading decisions.

FX Multi Meter MT4 Indicators in the Dashboard

Example of GBJPY on the M30 timeframe, the FX Multi Meter Indicator generates a BUY signal by considering inputs from various indicators. The dashboard, which displays most indicators pointing towards an uptrend, confirms the final BUY signal.

This approach eliminates clutter on the chart Accurate Currency Strength Meteras all critical information is conveniently displayed in the dashboard.

fx multi meter iii

Buy Sell Signals Multi Meter Strategy

To understand the FX Multi Meter Indicator better, let’s explore the various indicators it combines in its dashboard:

  1. Bar Meter: This indicator shows the percentage increase or decrease of the current price compared to the previous four bars’ closing prices.
  2. MACD: It indicates the direction of the MACD signal crossover in the current chart.
  3. MA-X: This component reveals the direction Hull Moving Average Indicator of the crossover between the Linear Weighted Moving Average and the Simple Moving Average.
  4. William’s Percentages: Values based on the momentum-based William’s Percentage Indicator.
  5. Parabolic Stop and Reverse Indicator (PSAR): It displays the direction of the PSAR.
  6. Moving Averages: This section shows the trend direction across various time frames, from M1 to D1, for the currency pair.
  7. Stochastic Oscillator: It provides stochastic values across different time frames, from M1 to D1.
  8. Current Spread: This indicator showcases the current spread of the currency pair.

FX Multi Meter Indicator Setting

FX Multi Meter Indicator Setting

Stoch_K: Stochastic System

Stoch_D: D value of the stochastic MT4 indicator.

Stoch_Slowing: Value set 3

MA_Period: Moving average period 12

MA_Shift: Shifts the moving average 0 you can set in setting

MACD_Period1:  12 Value Set

MACD_Period2: 26 Value set

MACD_Period3:  9 Set

FastLWMA:  3 Set Linear Weighted Moving Average period

Slow SMA: 5 Simple Moving Average period.

PSAR_Step: Reverse Metatrader Indicator.

PSAR_Max: Parabolic Stop

Forex Strength Indicator

FX Multi Meter Indicator for MT4 for forex traders Moving Average Settings looking to enhance their precision and make informed trading decisions. By utilizing momentum and averages to calculate trend direction, this indicator simplifies the trading process and offers reliability in trade signals.

Best of all, it is available for free, and its user-friendly dashboard consolidates the values of multiple indicators, making it a must-have for traders seeking success in the forex market.