Currency Power Meter V5 Indicator for MT4

Forex currency trading is the graphical representation of the data, for example: candlestick formation, moving average or oscillator of market activity. This indicator shows the information in the form of a bar on one axis and time on another. In this article you will find out how to make a simple Forex currency power meter indicator with source code in MT4 .

A currency power meter indicator is an important tool for any trader who is interested in the Forex market. This article will explain what a currency power meter indicator mt4 is and how it can help you trade better. A currency power meter indicator mt4, also known as a momentum oscillator, Zones Indicator measures the strength of price movement over time.

Currency Strength Meter Indicator MT4

The result of this calculation can be used to determine when to buy or sell currencies (or other financial instruments). Different types of momentum indicators are available depending on which particular aspect of price movement you want to measure; there are different versions that look at volume, open interest, volatility, etc., but most traders use one version called “relative strength.” This type of momentum indicator takes its name from comparing.

currency power meter indicator

The currency power meter indicator mt4 is a very useful tool that can be used to set up your trades in the forex market. It basically tells you how much profit or loss you are making for every pip that the currency makes, and it also helps you determine Custom Indicators when to exit a trade. Use this nifty little tool if you want to get better at trading the forex market!

The currency power meter indicator mt4 is a tool which helps traders to make the best use of their time. It works as an alert indicator and it notifies you when the market is trending in one direction or another.


If you are a trader who wants to have more control over your trading activities, this is definitely something worth having. The alert mechanism will help you save lots of time because it does not allow for any kind of distraction that may cause you to miss a trade opportunity altogether.

The currency power meter indicator mt4 helps traders Market Profile be more efficient with their time by providing alerts when there are trends occurring in the market so they do not miss opportunities for trades even if they become distracted.


The main purpose is to determine when there was an increase in the exchange rate from “1” to “2”, which was made by clicking on it when changing rates from one level to another during a certain period of time. To build a currency power meter at Forex there are several libraries that can be used in MQL4, among them:

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To begin, it makes sense to create the main class , which will inherit the standard indicator. To do this, select “File” -> “New”, enter a name for your indicator and click on the button OK . Open the source code of your new class with Notepad++ or by clicking on Ctrl+E :