Best Times to Trade Forex (Days, Week & Monthly)

The best times to trade Forex is an oft-debated topic. While many think of it as a myth, there are some traders who swear by their schedules. Let’s look at whether this can be considered fact or fiction.

Why Even Look at the Best Times to Trade Forex?

Many would be quick to dismiss looking for these kinds of ‘best’ times because they don’t always exist – and even when they do, a profitable opportunity doesn’t exactly present itself every time these windows open up. But it does make sense Binary Trading Indicator to take advantage of peak activity if you have the chance – after all, there is no harm in taking an educated guess about when these periods might come about and using your judgement to place your trades then.

Best Times to Trade Forex

Here’s a quick run down on some of the best times to trade forex. You can decide for yourself Market Profile Indicator how much credence you want to give these indicators as you go along.

Lunar Activity and Forex Trading

One of the most popular signs people look at when trying to determine if there is going to be high volatility in the forex market– not surprising, considering how it seems every other industry out there uses lunar calendars as a way of measuring their own levels of productivity. But what does lunar activity have anything to do with trading?

They found out that the movement of the moon affects the tides Arbitrage Trading Software and this, in turn, creates a force that pulls strongly on prices. It may not be as high as gravity, but it is strong enough to move prices up or down.

Best Days of the Week to Trade Forex

You should note that this study was done all the way back and used historical data .

The results were then applied across different markets and different time periods like M1, M5, M15, M30 , H1 , H4 D1. While there could have been significant changes since then, it shows how long these theories can be around for before someone decides to test them out scientifically.

Best Days of the Week to Trade Forex

There are times when all financial instruments will move during Camarilla Pivots certain phases of the moon because they all follow roughly the same schedule due to their proximity to Earth. These ‘lunar standstills’ are exactly the times to look out for if you want to maximize your time and effort.

Best Time to Trade Eur/Usd

If you are looking at evening trades, then this is when they should happen; but there can also be ‘lunar standstill’ days that affect all markets, too.

How Often Do They Occur?

It may not be always possible to trade during these periods Best Trend Indicator because their timing isn’t particularly regular. The next one will occur on June 4-5, 2021 . Research has shown that it’s usually around 28 days after the previous lunar activity period before the next one occurs.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to set up trading schedules like this because there is no way of predicting how much volatility (if any) will occur over specific dates in advance.