50 Pips a Day Forex Trading Strategy & PDF 2021

The 50 pips foreign exchange strategy is a intraday dealing plan for foreign exchange. This indicates that you’ll be starting  and shutting site quite quickly, immediately than choosing currency duos that you really wish to lend in over for a long duration of time.

This is very easy and an uncomplocated foreign exchange strategy and it is very easy to use and learn.

The 50 pips a day forex strategy allow traders to gain 50 pips in a day. This depends on the traders attitude that how much he can attain interest. This strategy is great for those traders who are at the iniriating edge of the merchandise  or else  we can also call them novitiate.

What is the 50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy?

This strategy is also advantageous for the traders who have prominent skill in the market trading. This 50 pips foreign exchange strategy is a 1 Min vanquishment plan that gives the traders a great benefit . Either they are trained traders or untrained traders.

50 pips a day forex strategy

Generally, the concept which is  beyond the 50 pips strategy is to get about 50% of the scope a currency duos  proceed in one  day.

Harmonic Pattern Indicator

VWAP Band Indicator

Fibonacci Retracement Indicator

50 Pips A Day foreign exchange  Strategy began to make agreeable earnings in the foreign exchange market.This is a very distint and easy to obey foreign exchange dealing strategy so that you can began  accomplish compatible earnings every day through trading the forein exchange market.

50 Pips a Day Trading Rules

It will assist you to make 50 pips day by dat  or help you to make even much more  daily. It is best for newcomer traders but you will be provided a great contract of assistance to more skilled dealers that have not originate a plan to make earnings .

How 50 Pips a Day Works with Indicator

The 50 pips a day foreign exchange trading strategy is developed to catch  the sudden market activityof GPBUSD or EURUSD but you can obviously test with other significant currency duos
It is a quite easy intraday trading process but keep it in mind that alot of times , the leading intraday trading strategy that work are indeed easy in program which can make them pretty well-conditioned.

50 pips a day forex strategy review

I think this 50 pips foreign exchange trading strategy is a best intraday trading plan for newcomers because you are not required to understand difficult indicators or price patterns.


Now let’s have a look into the rules and regulations of this trading plans , there are some rules to which you have to obey as this strategy is mainly one freehand except you can find a trained innovation to move  on your selected operating system .

  • Two kinds of directions are there in this trading strategy one of them  is buy and the other one is sell .
  • If the sell and buy price operate then at this time if other components are also operated then all the operated components will spontaneously shut excluding the sell or buy option.
  • Before beginning your trade  assign your objectivethat you should have to get 50 pips earnings in the trading. If you are victorious in attaining the goal that you wish then this is a great  rehearsal and a marvellous plan for your trade to gain money.